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dr prachi bhutada

Dr. Prachi Bhutada

(Garbhsanskar & Ayurveda Consultant)

Dr Prachi Bhutada, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery is the director of Sparsh Garbh Sanskar and Ayurved Clinic at Nagpur and practicing here since 2007.

She has worked in gyneac department for many years at KDK College Nagpur.

In her Ayurveda practice Dr. Prachi has special interest in the fields of Garbhasanskar, pre – pregnancy planning, post delivery planning, Swarnaprashan, Obesity, Psoriasis, Migraine, Acidity, Gases, Constipation, Pimples, Hairfall, Dandruff, etc. She has successfully treated 1000s of patients in above mentioned fields where in Ayurveda has shown great results for these diseases.

As a Garbhasanskar consultant she conducts unique Garbh sanskar classes to provide a healthy and joyful journey of pregnancy for would be mother and to deliver a baby with mental, spiritual, physical and intellectual intelligence to make tomorrow’s world healthy .

Having passion in Garbhasanskar, she conducted various camps and Workshops on Garbhasanskar across Maharashtra at various places like JC’s club at Yavatmal, Jain International School at Nagpur, Maheshwari Mahila Mandal Nagpur, Maheshwari Mahila, Mandal Gadarwada, Terapanth Mahila Mandal Nagpur, Women’s Bhaskar club at Nagpur etc.

She has become a ray of light in the obese people life by giving them very easy and natural way of treatment to achieve their weight target.

Her special Ayurveda formulations for Psoriasis has become boon for many Psoriasis patients.

To nurture the society Dr prachi has published several articles in different newspaper and social magazines.

Dr Prachi believes to educate the people about the scienc of healthy life more than giving treatment to the diseased one.

” Accept Ayurveda as a best friend
To stay healthy till life’s end.”

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