गर्भाधान संस्कार

(Pre-pregnancy Planning)

Ever thought of becoming a parent?……where your whole world would be around your baby & where your baby is your life and your life is your baby. 

The journey of parenting starts the moment one plan for pregnancy. In fact, the “Pre-conception period is as important as the pregnancy’s phase” is what Ayurveda says. Unfortunate are those, who miss this golden opportunity of their lives to extract the best moments and results for both parents and baby from this phase.

Sparsh Garbh Sanskar Centre aims to catch this golden opportunity for the pre-pregnancy planners to achieve those precious benefits.

Why Pre-Pregnancy planning?

Ayurveda broadens our vision to perceive that fertility is not just, but much more than the physical act of becoming pregnant.
Emotional acceptance of a couple towards parenthood and spiritual acceptance to incite a divine soul is as well required.
In this way, fertility is equally spiritual and emotional as physical.
So, cleansing in all these dimensions is necessary so as to help the divine soul entering the womb fulfill its purpose to the highest degree.

Pre-pregnancy planning required for:

1. Physical Cleansing

  • To evaluate the current health problem
  • To minimize hereditary disease
  • To strengthen the uterus
  • To increase the chances of conception
  • To enhance the quality of sperm and ovum
  • To detoxify the body

2. Emotional cleansing

  • To normalise the stress and hormonal level
  • To create a happy and healthy environment
  • To get intelligent, virtuous well culture child

3. Spiritual cleansing

  • To invoke the divine soul

If you want to become a parent of a divine and desirable child then both the parents should take charge of their physical, emotional, and spiritual health for at least three month prior to conception. In Ayurveda process of delivering a baby has been compared to germination of seed.  For having a proper germination of seed and a fruitful tree, healthy seeds, fertile land, proper season and balanced nutrition are the 4 basic requirements.



In the same manner for delivering physically, mentally and spiritually excellent baby the 1st requirement in human being is seed, that is sperm and ovum. These seeds should be of good quality, pure and free from hereditary disease.

2nd requirement is fertile land that is uterus, where baby will grow for next 9 months, should be healthy to retain pregnancy for 9 month.

3rd requirement which will make pregnancy possible is the right season means right age to conceive that is between 20-35 years. Seasons also refers to right day of period for conception that is mostly 13th day of period( if menstruation cycle is of 28 days)as ovum lives only for one day.

4th and last requirement is balanced nutrition which is also an important factor for having a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Planning Session


Sparsh Garbh Sanskar and Ayurved clinic conducts unique session for pregnancy planning couple in which physical, mental and spiritual preparation for a devine child is to be taught. In this session knowledge about fitness (ideal weight), yoga, breathing technique, music therapy, satwik diet, healthy lifestyle pattern is delivered to couple which improves the hormonal balance and ensures healthy seeds and uterus along with helthy body and sound mind.
Under the heading of physical cleansing, there is a process called Beej Shuddhi which is done to overcome and get rid of any defect in the sperm and ovum by purifying them. It also strengthens and purifies the uterus by the the method called Panchakarma. Panchakarma is cleaning and detoxification of body at cellular level where increased doshas gets balanced and the body is made ready to conceive. Apart from physical health, emotional and spiritual health is also equally important at the time of conception.


It is the ‘soul’ which when enters your womb and gives life to your baby. The would-be parent cannot decide which type of soul should enter into their baby, but it is up to the soul which decides in which body should it enters. Shocking but true, the soul enters in a body whose soul is compatible for it. So the soul you want to invite for your baby, your (parents) soul should be like that.

So, special efforts to purify the soul i.e. emotional and spiritual cleansing should be done by parents which is the major part of “Garbhadhan Sanskar”.

Thus out of the 16 main vedic Sanskar Garbhadhan Sanskar is the first Sanskar which aims at the purification of soul and body of would be a parent.

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