नवजात एवं सूतिका परिचर्या

(Post Natal Care)

The period of 9 months of pregnancy has ended… But the new journey of your motherhood along with your baby has started…….
Motherhood should be one of the most joyous moment of women’s life but this will be possible only if her health is taken care of during postnatal period.
In Ayurveda special regimens are explained in great detail for future physical, mental & emotional fitness of delivered mother as well as of newly arrived one. These two regimens are named as Sutika Paricharya and Navjat Paricharya.



Often we see that after delivery, number of women suffer from physical & mental problems like backache, knee joint pain, headache, hair fall, Obesity, under eye circle, indigestion, infection, anxiety, depression etc due to lack of awareness about postnatal period and care.
So in Ayurveda an immense importance is given to first 45 days after delivery or until next menstruations cycle starts.Mother should get special attention and care during this period to restore her health, which in Ayurveda we call as Sutika kal.

Goals & Care

1) Normalisation of Vata dosh

According to Ayurveda, Vata dosh plays an vital role in post natal period. Vata dosh increases tremendously after delivery as it has a baisc nature to rush in and occupy empty space. And a great emptiness is created in the mother’s uterus after childbirth. This increased and disturbed Vata dosh can disturb the physical, mental and emotional well being of mother as well as newborn as Vata dosh governs nervous system, joint movement, flow of body fluid, hormones, blood etc.

To control and correct this Vat dosh, Body massage with special oil and hot water bath should be taken during postnatal period. Also avoid loud speech, long walk, stressful activities etc.

2) Correction of the fluid, blood and energy loss occurred during labour.

Special diet plan with ghee, vitamins & nourish based warm food recommended for this period which facilitate evacuation of bowel, nourish traumatized tissues, sub due the vitiated Vata dosa.

3) Restoration of Agni (Digestive power & metabolism) which has been highly disturbed after delivery.

Food should be light and warm. Boiled water with ginger and coriander can be given to drink in small quantity.

4) Optimization of quantity and quality of breastmilk as mother milk is the perfect food for newborn and for first six months of life it should be the only food for the baby.

Shatavari, Kapoori pan and many other things are the best remedy which increase both the functions.

5) Reshape the abdomen, uterus and body

Abdomen which is stretched to a lot extend during pregnancy becomes loose and wrinkled after delivery. Also the uterus, most important reproductive organ has to shrink back to its original shape which is also highly stretched during pregnancy,

Wrapping of abdomen with soft cloth, walking itself at home, some special exercises, diet plan, daytime sleeping pattern plays an important role for this .

6) Prevention of infection in urinary tract and stitches which are some common side effects of lack of knowledge and ignorance regarding postnatal care hygiene.

Special hygiene counselling to avoid infection and special massage therapy to avoid backpain is important.

7) Regaining of pre- pregnancy youth physique & beauty.

Proper diet including iron, calcium, vitamins and other supplements, exercise (which can be done at home only) is important for regaining body shape and beauty.

8) Learning right breast Feeding technique .

To avoid inaccurate body posture induced back pain for mother & to ensure sound and undisturbed sleep for 2-3 hrs for baby proper feeding patern shoud be known.

Navjat Paricharya


In Ayurveda and modern science it is well known that newborn itself require special attention separate from that of his mother as Neonatal period is very crucial period of life.
Becoming parents for the very first time is completely a new experience . Moreover it becomes more difficult because the newborn cannot express about his sufferings if any.
So here are some points that should be taken care of during postnatal phase of your baby for total growth of his physical and mental health.


20% of brain develops in first two years of life. With special music therapy that is music of Santoor Vadan , Guitar Vadan, Flute Vadan etc helps to elongate neurones (brain cells) and secretion of happy hormones is possible during neonatal period.


Frequent visits to doctor for illness not only consumes the early years of baby but also disturbs your experience as motherhood. So to prevent this, special immunity boost up techniques like SWARNAPRASHAN has been prescribed by Ayurveda.


Common problems like vomiting of milk after feeding, abdomen distension, abdomen pain, gases can be resolved without any medication but by proper techniques of burping.


Massage with special oil which strengthens the body muscles, bones and gives tone to the skin . Proper way and direction should be taken care of during massage.
Massage using masoor daal and chana daal fine flour will remove extra hair on body which can be a major beauty problem in future.


It is frequently observed that baby sleeps during day hours and keeps parents awake during night time. This becomes very tedious job for the parents. With special efforts and techniques we can change manage baby’s sleeping pattern.


It is very important that very few people should handle your new born during early years of life. Care should be taken by application of antiseptic lotion on hands , use of sanitisers etc to prevent entry of any infectious source in baby’s body.
Thus by remembering and executing all these small things, expirience your motherhood as joyful as you can….shower your baby with unconditional care, affection, nourishment and love…
Your health.. Is equally important as your child’s.. because today… Not only a baby is born.. But a mother.. And a father… as well are born..


Lets join hands together to make your as well as our journey memorable, cherishing and worth living.

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