(A Boon for Child’s Total Development)

“Prevention is better than cure” is the base quote of Ayurveda, an ancient life science.

In the aura of pollution, chemically treated food, medicines with harmful side effects, stressful life, electronic distractions, unpredictable climate changes, it has become a great challenge for parents that how to improve immunity in their kid and help them to grow up into a strong, healthy and intelligent individuals.

Swarna Prashan is one such time-tested powerful remedy practiced for thousands of years by our ancestor to built for health and intelligence naturally without causing any harmful side effect.

What is Swarna Prashan?

Swarna means gold and Prashan means intake. Swarna Prashana drop is a special Ayurvedic preparation made by mixing pure swarna bhasma (ash), honey and Bhramhi ghee (made up of brain developing herbs like Brahmi, Shankhpushpi ).

Why Swarna Prashan?

UNICEF emphasizes the importance of early childhood development (ECD) in everyone’s life. In early childhood not only the brain but immunity also develops rapidly. Early childhood interventions have long lasting effect on intellectual, physical and social behaviour. So focusing on improving immunity and developing intelligence in early age has vital importance. Swarna Prashan has proved a great gift for parents who always efforts towards their children’s physical, mental and intellectual growth.

Benefits of Swarnaprashan.

Benefits of small quantity of Swarna prashana is elaborated in “Kashyapa Samhita” that was written before 600 BC.

“सुवर्णप्राशनं हि एतत् मेधाग्नि बल वर्धनम् । आयुष्यं मंगलं पुण्यं वृष्यं ग्रहापहम् ॥” (काश्यप संहिता, सूत्रस्थानम् 18/4-5)

The meaning of the shloka is

  • Medha Vardhana –To improve intelligence
  • Agni Vardhana – To improve digestion
  • Bala Vardhana –To improve strength and immunity
  • Ayushya Vardhana — To improve life expectancy
  • Mangala, Punya – Auspicious
  • Vrushya – Aphrodisiac
  • Grahapaha – To protects from bad effects from planets.


Whom Should Give?

Swarna prashana can be given from birth till 16 yrs.

When should give?

On empty stomach, preferably early morning. We can either follow daily for one month (30 days), which can be extended to 6 months (180 days) Or, we follow monthly once on pushya nakshatra till age 16.


Parents should face north and kid should face east while giving this drops.


  • Preferably on empty stomach, to enhance better absorption. The child can be fed after 30 minutes.
  • It’s better to avoid junk food that day.


For 0 to 1 year — 1 drop For 1 to 5 years — 2 drops For 6 to 10 years — 3 drops For 11 to 16 years — 4 drops

In ancient time, our ancestor passed their best experience of holistic life to their next generation. Over a period of time that become rituals. This series of rituals are called as Sanskar.

These Sanskar are connected with the major events of life such as pregnancy, baby shower, childbirth, naming ceremony, marriage, etc. These sanskaras help us to live a complete fulfilling physical and spiritual life.

Swarna Prashana is one of sixteen sanskaras mentioned in ancient texts. It is an special method to build long lasting health and intellect naturally without leaving any harmful side effects.


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